Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa was very good to me...

I've been very quiet in blog-land lately. Sometimes "real" life gets in the way... Now that Christmas has come and gone and we are looking forward to the new year, I hope to be more consistent...

Santa was very good to my family this year! ;-)
A wonderful dinner at my parents' with most of our family... My daughter commented to me on the way home, "I really like our family. We should see them more often." Out of the mouths of babes... (this one happens to be 14.)

Anyway... there were lots of minis amongst my Christmas gifts and I am so grateful and happy! They included a darling garden furniture set with two mixed floral topiaries, a room box for Abigail built by my hubby himself, a subscription to "Miniatures Collector" , an Amazon gift card which will undoubtedly be spent on minis, and a gift certificate for a minis company whose catalog I've been poring over almost every night before bed. I am a lucky girl!

Our oldest son (who is 20) had a mini amongst his gifts too! A 7-week-old chihuahua puppy he has named Sox (as in the Boston Red Sox)... We are cat people here (truth be told) but we are all smitten with this latest tiny addition to our family--perhaps my  mom most of all. She spent a lot of time after Christmas dinner with Sox sleeping snugly in her arms wrapped in his fleece blanket.

Back to painting Abigail's new room. I suppose I should feed the teenagers too...

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. Blessings and best wishes!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last Friday night my husband and I finally decided to put our extensive Halloween decorations away. We were on the fence about whether to put our everyday decorations back out, knowing we'll have to take them down soon to decorate for Christmas, go ahead and decorate for Thanksgiving even though it is less than a week away, or just put everything away and not put anything out until it's time to decorate for Christmas.

The living room, in particular, looked bare so I decided to go ahead and make the effort to decorate for Thanksgiving. I'm really glad I did, because I was able to bring out some of my very favorite decorations, among them, a cross-stitched banner and a tiny scarecrow and bale of hay. The scarecrow and bale of hay were among the first fall decorations I purchased for myself after leaving home and I've always loved them.

Wishing you many blessings this Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Inspiration! Books from Otterine

Those of you who know me know that I have a serious love of books in real life. Hubby and I are "Friends of the Library" in more ways than one. We probably have what most would think are too many books, but we love them.

One of the blogs I follow, blog, recently made a post about these books she made for a bookcase for a project she's working on. I am in l-o-v-e with these books and absolutely inspired.

Future project: a house that represents my family... with each person having their own room filled with the things that are unique to them. I've already started compiling a list for each family member. Not surprisingly, books--copious amounts of books--show up on more than one of those lists...

For inspiration, be sure to check out Otterine's blog, as well as her Etsy shop...

Almost turkey day here in the US! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In the News: Dream Leads to a New Miniatures Store

Here's a neat article from "The Review" in East Liverpool, Ohio. Three sisters have opened a miniatures shop in East Liverpool after one of them dreamed (literally) that the three of them owned and operated one together. Interesting how one person can dream something, mention that to others, and it plants a seed that grows into something real... LOVE that.

Read the article here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Witch House Progress...

So it seems I'm getting better with my not-so-great camera.... Here are a few pictures of the Witch House and a little progress update. I haven't had much time to work on this over the past week, but I'm still pleased.
Perhaps Agatha's familiar is an owl? She hasn't revealed that to me yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion...

Furniture has been painted and a comfy mattress added... Still deciding on embellishments for the bed and dresser...

And the kitchen floor has been "tiled". 
More updates coming soon! "Best witches!"

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last Weekend's Shopping Finds

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of going to the Camas Antique Mall with my sister-in-law who was visiting for the weekend and my mom. We shopped till we dropped then headed home for a spaghetti dinner and a few glasses of wine. Here are the mini treasures I found...
I mentioned this little cast iron wood stove in a previous post. When I was growing up we had a potbellied stove with chromed skirting. This is one that my mom found in a junk store years ago. During our shopping trip last Saturday I found the coal scuttle next to it. (Yes, I know that coal doesn't go in wood stoves... but won't it make a great container for kindling and small logs?) 

In the basement of the antique mall I found this bed and nightstand. They're both a bit shabby, but I find them charming. I look at them and imagine the little girl who must have played with them long ago. I will clean them up and then decide whether they will get a new coat of paint. The scale of these is about the same as the wood stove in the first picture. So maybe I have started a collection for a new room...

My mom spotted these hidden behind a spray of fall foliage that was laying on a table. They were totally hidden but my mom spotted them. They are 1:12 scale. I love the details on the legs of both and on the back of the chair. Thanks for the eagle eye, Mom!
Here in the Portland, Oregon area, we don't have very many options for buying miniatures so I'm always thrilled when I find little treasures during my outings. Happy shopping!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Abigail's New Duds

Good Saturday morning! I've been a bit indulgent this morning... allowing my sweet hubby to make breakfast for me... Then finishing reading Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes (and dreaming of making some of the Tuscan winter foods she includes recipes for).

I felt like staying cozy in bed for a bit longer so I started reading Ian McEwan's Atonement. Interestingly, in the first chapter, there is a miniatures motif. Early on in the chapter as she is being introduced, McEwan writes:

"...Briony's [room] was the only tidy upstairs room in the house. Her straight-backed dolls in their many-roomed mansion appeared to be under strict instructions not to touch the walls; the various thumb-sized figures to be found standing about her dressing table--cowboys, deep-sea divers, humanoid mice--suggested by their even ranks and spacing a citizen's army awaiting orders.

"A taste for the miniature was one aspect of an orderly spirit."

Briony, in this first chapter is also revealed to be a writer:

"...writing stories not only involved secrecy, it also gave her all the pleasures of miniaturization. A world could be made in five pages, and one that was more pleasing than a model farm."

I read just a bit past this before I had to pull myself together and get on with my day. We shall see if the miniatures motif persists throughout the book. Onto other things... Today, I thought I'd share Abigail's new jammies and robe that I made for her recently.

Here she is all bundled up in her robe. She is laying on a quilt that I made from scraps in my stash, some of which are leftovers from a quilt my mom made a long time ago. I also knitted the pink blanket next to her.

And with her robe open you can see her white flannel jammies, trimmed with the same lace on her robe. You can also see her booties that I crocheted with pearl cotton left over from a long ago attempt to learn Hardanger and tied with scraps of silk ribbon. 
I still need to recreate her roombox in wood and am revising the plans for that. Maybe that will be my Thanksgiving weekend project.

Friday, November 18, 2011

150-year-old German dollhouse to be displayed in Albuquerque museum |

KOB Eyewitness News 4 reported on this November 16.
A 150-year-old dollhouse, passed down from one generation in the family to the next, was left in Germany when the family fled the Nazis. Given to a Christian friend to store in her attic, the dollhouse was saved and later brought to the United States. Lilo Lang Waxman, now 91, has donated the dollhouse and its contents to the New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum in Albuquerque.

This is a real heirloom... And such a special treasure.

Be sure to watch the newsclip!
150-year-old German dollhouse to be displayed in Albuquerque museum |

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Whew! It's been a busy weekend with family in from out of town and the usual things going on... I did manage to work on my witch house AND I found some nice little treasures at the Camas Antique Mall. Pictures tomorrow... Tonight I'm headed to bed to read my book... It has been a long busy weekend... Sweet dreams...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Witch House... the witch has a name...

I was feeling kind of glum on Tuesday. Discouraged about a few things in life... But then I spent a half hour painting the little witch house I'm working on and it cheered me greatly... Almost magic! It really is the small things in life that can make a big difference...

The witch told me her name is Agatha. She likes European castles so I found some postage stamps in my stash that feature them and she is pleased that they will be artwork for her new home.

Wednesday morning while waiting for my daughter to finish getting ready for school, I installed the carpets. Then yesterday during my lunch hour I made a bed, bookshelf and dresser. Here are a few pics...

The whole abode. I haven't painted the furniture yet or picked any fabrics. Still a couple of pieces of furniture to make and quite a bit of finishing on the house itself, but we're making progress...
The boudoir. Agatha's bed and dresser are made from the top and bottom of a small jewelry box. I made a headboard and footboard from the card from a package of seam binding and glued pony beads to make feet for the bed. You really can't see them in this picture but the dresser has rectangles of card to make the drawerfronts. There is also a round mirror above the dresser. Looks kind of retro! The walls are actually purple but it's hard to tell in this picture.
Agatha in her parlor. You can see the bookshelf I made from a tiny box and more pieces of the seam binding package card. This is where all of the potions and spell books will go! Also, I've placed a couple of postage stamps with castles on them that will be artwork. Walls are red. Purple felt for the carpet. My apologies for the blurry pictures. (I have a crummy camera.) There's a crystal ball on the table and the little thing with feet next to Agatha will be a footstool.
The kitchen is an ochre color. Leaning up against the wall, you can see one of the postage stamps that Agatha likes for artwork. It has red poppies on it. I also found a the little sterling silver teapot charm that is sitting on the mantle. Just the right size for a spot of tea for Agatha.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fairy Gardens: Part 3

An article about fairy gardens ran in The Oregonian (one of the local newspapers here) a couple of weeks ago. My mom clipped it out and mailed it to me. What a nice thing to have come through the mail slot! Much better than bills or junk mail!

Here's a link to the article on The Oregonian's website.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mini Movie review: Dinner for Schmucks

Tim (Paul Rudd) is a rising executive who "succeeds" in finding the perfect guest, IRS employee Barry (Steve Carell), for his boss's monthly event, a so-called "dinner for idiots," which offers certain advantages to the exec who shows up with the biggest buffoon.
IMDB link:

Barry has a unique hobby--creating dioramas with taxidermied mice which he dresses up. The scenes he constructs are amazing and at one point in the movie Barry shows off his magnum opus: a book called "Mouseterpieces" in which he's recreated scenes from famous works of art including the Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. You can see a gallery of some of Barry's creations on the official movie website.

Aside from the minis theme (which I unabashedly love), this movie is delightful. A bit of a darkly comedic farce, there are scenes that are touching. There's a lesson taught too, but without being preachy. Highly entertaining and definitely worth watching!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Abigail's Acoutrements

A while back, I promised a "tour" of Abigail's room. That is being put off for a few weeks, as I reconstruct her room box in wood (rather than the foam core I had used previously). While I'm working on that, here is a sneak peek...
Abigail's toy box... I painted the alphabet blocks and toy chest and made the braided rug. The bears were a gift from my mom. The giraffe is a Japanese eraser. The doll box was a laser-cut kit from Dragonfly International that I picked up at the minis show in Portland last month. One of my favorite things is the antique basket (another gift from mom) that holds flannel receiving blankets, bottles and a rubber duck.

A closer look...

Sorry this picture is blurry! Here's the top of Abigail's dresser. Antique tatted doily. Woven baskets from Small Talk Miniatures, flower pot and mulberry paper roses from Dragonfly International, a beaded baby toy, sweet porcelain rabbit, and hand painted band box. I found most of these things at the minis show in Portland. The picture on the wall is from a vintage baby card.
Abigail in her bassinet with her stuffed kitty that I made from a kit.

Another view... In the background you can see the rocking chair (a Goodwill find).

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Witch House

This week's trip to Goodwill wasn't entirely fruitless... I didn't find anything mini, per se, but I DID find an oak tissue box cover (remember those from the eighties and early nineties?) that is evolving into a three-story house for my little Polliwog witch...

Here it is with floors installed to separate the box into three stories. You can see that I built a roof and chimney as well as a fireplace for each room.

From top to bottom, little miss witch has an attic, a boudoir, a parlor, and a kitchen. Hubby says Abigail is going to be jealous!

Checking out the fireplace in her boudoir! The fireplaces are constructed of foam core and "stones" made from an egg carton.
Here you can see all three fireplaces and the chimney finished.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ukrainian Cross Stitch Patterns

I love antique needlework of all kinds and just came across a great website that features Ukrainian Cross Stitch patterns. Most of these could easily be adapted to miniature scale. This pattern would make a great wall-hanging and reminds me of a woven tapestry that hangs in our living room. There are also TONS of patterns for borders. I haven't cross-stitched in several years and recently cleaned out a lot of my stash; it's a good thing I couldn't bear to get rid of my accumulation of scraps of evenweave fabrics! More on this later...
Happy stitching!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Museum of Miniatures

I just stumbled across yet ANOTHER place I need to travel to....
The Museum of Miniatures in Carmel, Indiana.
Their website is great, plus they have a wonderful photostream on Flickr showing all of their exhibits. I can't wait to grab a cup of coffee and spend some time looking through all of the photos this weekend.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


For quite a while I've kept a "like" book... it's one of those old-fashioned composition notebooks and I glue in pictures I've printed from the internet and clipped from magazines of things that I like or that I want to make....

NOW, there's Pinterest, an online pinboard where you can "pin" images collected from around the internet, creating a virtual pinboard... I now have several boards, including one for miniatures. It has been fun to "collect" pictures and I'm finding it surprisingly useful.

Don't get me wrong, paper clippings and the aroma of rubber cement still hold their allure... But I'm happy to say that this "late adopter" now has both feet firmly planted in the 21st century. (Must start saving for an iPad...)

Happy Pinning!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


The local Goodwill store is on my "route" about once a week. Yesterday was a day for some great finds including some Fiesta Ware, a lovely girly wine goblet and a couple of items for my daughter's room...

BUT this little cabinet and bench are the real finds of the day...
The glass cloches were purchased from a booth at Camas Antiques and the clay pots I've picked up in a variety of places along the way. The birdhouse was from one of the vendors at the NW Dollhouse and Miniatures Show in Portland earlier this month, and the basket (that's sitting on the bench and really hard to see) is a "mom" special.

I've been wanting to do a garden scene for a while so finding these was a happy stroke of luck. :-)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In the News: Cello ace chooses life in miniature

David Edwards, once a cellist for the Royal Scottish National Orchestra gave up his music career in 1983 to become a full-time miniatures artisan. Interesting article from the Belfast Telegraph across the pond:
Cello ace chooses life in miniature - Offbeat, Breaking News -

I did a bit of research and found this profile about Mr. Edwards. Oh how I'd love to see his work in person...

And here is a link to his blog, David Edwards Miniatures, which features some fabulous photos of his work along side the full-size item he's replicated in miniature. Be sure to also click on the "My Work" link and see his work table!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back from my blogging hiatus

I can't believe it's been more than two weeks since I last posted... I've certainly had much to blog about. I just haven't had the time... Life!

Mini activities in my world:
--Abigail's room is going to be getting its floor this weekend. I found some bamboo placemats at the dollar store and have taken them apart to make "boards" for the floor. Once this and a few other tasks are complete I will give you a tour of her room.

--My mom found a miniature cast iron potbellied wood stove in a junk store a long time ago and recently rediscovered it in a cupboard. I can't wait to construct an old-fashioned kitchen scene for it. The really cool thing is that it somewhat resembles a wood stove we had when I was growing up.

--I picked up a copy of the November issue of "Minature Collector" at the grocery store the other day. It's packed with all kinds of inspiration and every time I pick it up I find something that I didn't see before.

--Kim and I took a trip north to visit his sister and her husband. While in town, we stopped into an antique store to browse. There was a very large elaborate doll house for sale ($1200!). Kim said, "If I had $1200 I'd buy that for you." All of the furniture had been removed from the house and it very much looked like a real empty house whose occupants had moved on... The shop's proprietor showed me a file folder that held complete documentation of the construction of the house, including all of the original drawings, plans and fabric, wallpaper and paint swatches, as well as drawings of the furniture that had been in the house.

--At the same antique store there were two small antique German dollhouses that were very charming. Coincidentally, I had borrowed a book about collectible dollhouses from the library and had that along with me on our trip. One of the houses I was able to identify as Gottschalk. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me, or I'd be sharing photos too.

--Abigail is getting new things all the time... I crocheted some booties for her and have been working on a little pink gingham dress. She likes her jammies though, so I don't know if she'll actually wear the dress or if it will just be displayed in her room. I did make her a pink flannel kimono trimmed with lace and she seems quite snug.

The sun is shining and it's a beautiful fall day. I will post more tomorrow...

Friday, October 7, 2011

More fairy gardens...

Came across another article about the fairy gardens at the Signal Mountain Nursery in Chattanooga, this one from the Knoxville News.

The article outlines a step-by-step process for creating your own fairy garden and includes some great pictures!

(I feel a new project brewing...)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New issue of AIM

The new issue of Artisans in Miniature (AIM) has been posted online and I can't wait to read it! If you are unfamiliar with AIM, each issue has a theme and this one's is "Granny's House". It's a bit poignant for me, as I've been missing my grandma a bit more lately for some reason. And this past weekend, accompanying me at the minis show in Portland, Oregon, my mom commented, "Wouldn't grandma love to see all this?" She surely would've.

My grandma (my mom's mom) was a doll collector. But she didn't just collect dolls. She loved them--honestly and truly. I remember her showing me the tiny details in their clothing and how their hair was styled so perfectly... She would point out this doll's teeth, or how that one's eyes were so beautifully realistic, or lift a dress to reveal an intricate lace petticoat. I could go to the 8-foot tall oak and glass case in her living room and ask her about any doll and she could tell me that doll's story. And each one had its own story, its own name, its own personality even...

As far as grandma was concerned, dolls weren't just to be looked at. When I was young, she played with Barbies with me and we had fun making things for them and re-purposing items from around the house for their use. She also happily "babysat" when I played with the baby dolls, lovingly dressing and holding them. What I learned as I grew up playing with dolls with my grandma is that you're never too old to play...and that's a lesson that has "stuck". As I "play" with Abigail and find new treasures or create new things for her I often think of Grandma; I'm sure I'll continue to do so as I try some of the projects included in this issue of AIM.

I'm anxious to try making some of the crocheted potholders on page 53. My great-grandmother (my grandma's mom) was a stitcher and crocheted potholders similar to these in real life.

I'm also looking forward to trying out the train set project provided by AIM member Jane Harrop on pages 39 and 40. It's a 1:12 scale project, but I should be able to adapt it to Abigail's scale (approx. 1:6). I'm becoming more confident in working with wood, so this should be a fun project. Abigail needs more toys for her toy box!

I just tried my first mini printie project from a kit I purchased at the minis show here in Portland, OR this past weekend and I'm hooked. On page 69 and 70, there is a mini printie project that I'm definitely going to make--a vintage keepsake box with letters and photos. This will undoubtedly go into a room box project that has been rolling around in my head for a while... Abigail's room needs to be finished first though...

And THIS will be a much bigger project of an entirely different sort: Miniatura, billed as the UK's biggest dolls house show, is featured in a special show report starting on page 59. Time to get a passport! This is definitely going on my bucket list.

Harvest Cornucopia: inspiration!

I feel so blessed to have found so many talented miniatures artists on the Internet. They are truly inspiring and I am grateful that so many people are willing to share pictures of their work and even tutorials and tips...

Here is a picture of a harvest cornucopia created by a blogger I've been following for a while. She does beautiful work that is incredibly realistic.

Click here to read her blog post.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Murder in the Bronx

Did you know that miniatures can help solve murders?

In Speakeasy Dollhouse, Cynthia von Buhler tells a biographical tale of murder, bootlegging, mafia, and intrigue, set in New York City and explored through a graphic novel and live performances.

She writes, "This is a true story about my grandfather who, during prohibition, along with my grandmother, bootlegged liquor and owned two speakeasies in New York City. He was shot and killed in 1935, but nobody in my family ever found out why. I'm uncovering the facts and telling the story in two ways: First, a graphic novel with photographs of miniature dolls and sets that I've created to visualize and convey the story, and second, in an immersive play through which the events unfold in real life. You can help me solve this mystery by pre-ordering the book or by purchasing tickets to the play through Kickstarter."

Watch the Kickstarter video on YouTube.
I promise you'll be intrigued!

If you want to know more about the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, mentioned by von Buhler in the video, here's a bit more information, courtesy of Wikipedia (and edited by me for length--click the link below to read the full entry):

The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death is a series of eighteen intricately designed dollhouse-style dioramas created by Frances Glessner Lee, a millionaire heiress with an interest in forensic science. They are detailed representations of death scenes that are composites of actual court cases, created by Glessner Lee on a 1 inch to 1 foot (1 : 12) scale. She attended autopsies to ensure accuracy, and her attention to detail extended to having a wall calendar include the pages after the month of the incident, constructing openable windows, and wearing out-of-date clothing to obtain realistically worn fabric
The dioramas show tawdry and in many cases disheveled living spaces very different from Glessner Lee's own background. The dead include prostitutes and victims of domestic violence.

Glessner Lee used her inheritance to set up Harvard's department of legal medicine, and donated the Nutshell dioramas in 1945 for use in lectures on the subject of crime scene investigation. In 1966 the department was dissolved, and the dioramas went to the Maryland Medical Examiner's Office in Baltimore, where they are on permanent loan and still used for forensic seminars.

The dioramas are not available for public viewing, but I did find this book about them on Amazon.

This is going on my Christmas list!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In the news...

A couple of mini-related items popped up in my news feed over the past couple of days...

From the Chattanooga Times Free Press:
"Fairy gardens bring whimsy, imagination to landscape"

From Ohio's Dayton Daily News:
"46 literary clues live in a storybook dollhouse"
I would love to see pictures of this and try to identify all of the clues to the books!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fun with food!

I love minis. I love food.
Here are both combined in some fabulously fun artwork by Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle...

I love the tongue-in-cheek wittiness and color in these photos.

View this husband and wife team's website to see more of their amazing work!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Haunted Dollhouse

Kim and I talked last night about decorating for Halloween (already)! I can't wait!

In the spirit of Halloween, here is a link to a haunted dollhouse created by one of my favorite bloggers--Jenny the Bloggess. Some of you know her blogs... they never fail to brighten my day with their snarkiness and dark humor... Imagine my delight when I discovered her haunted dollhouse photo set on Flickr!
Click here to see her fabulous house! I am truly inspired.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I took comfort in reading J. Courtney Sullivan's New York Times article "A Hobby Best Kept Small", published on August 17, 2011. Why? Because there's someone else out there who shares my interest in dollhouses and miniatures... (Actually, there are a lot of people... I've encountered their blogs and websites. I just can't find them in my day-to-day routine...)

I can identify with Sullivan's article because I too outgrew my dollhouse, but had my passion for miniatures re-ignited in my adulthood by one small item--in my case, a tiny baby doll.

I can also identify with the author's stolen moments spent looking at miniatures on the internet. (I must add that her "it's research for my book" guise is brilliant!) I too, have no room for a dollhouse. And I don't allow myself to buy the exquisite (and sometimes expensive) tiny objects that capture my heart.

Instead, I create my own from what I have on hand in my crafts stash or from supplies that can be inexpensively purchased. The thrill of the hunt drives me to browse local thrift stores and antiques stores... And every so often I triumphantly return home with a treasure for my collection... Still, the tiny wine glasses and decanters on the websites beckon me and I lust after tiny claw-foot tubs and miniature books... ("Just wait," I tell myself.)

But most of all, I could identify with the subtext of Sullivan's article--that she somehow needed to justify her hobby. She worried about displaying a dollhouse in her studio apartment where a date might see it and think she was strange. And later, when she told her boyfriend she wanted a doll house, he suggested that the dollhouse should wait until they had a real house and it would be "less in the open". Yup. Though my husband is very supportive and doesn't mind having Abigail's "room" set up on the coffee table from time to time, I too know that sneaking suspicion that I need to justify my hobby. After all, I'm an adult. A wife. A mom. A professional. There's really no point in my sewing a 5-inch by 5-inch patchwork quilt for Abigail. She's a doll. She doesn't get cold. But I spent hours doing so and even hand-tied and bound it in the way one would a full-size quilt.

The only justification I can offer is that it gives me pleasure, is an outlet for my creativity and allows me to practice the crafting skills I've accumulated over the years. And besides, it keeps me out of the bars.

(And a side note to boyfriend of J. Courtney Sullivan: it could be worse. She could be into taxidermy... Embrace the dollhouse; It's relatively benign... And will keep her out of the bars.)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Inspiration Sunday

Sunday is typically the day I take a little more time to read the paper (scour the craft store ads) and spend time online visiting with friends on Facebook or reading other's blogs that inspire me...

Today's inspiration:
Halloween is a favorite holiday at our house. Here's a really neat display that I found on 19th Day Miniatures' blog. I could study all the details in this for a long time...

Wizardry with a dash of steampunk... Love it!
When I discovered Modern MC's Mini Modern blog, it blew my mind... If you think that all miniatures are stuffy Victorian or too cute for words this will set you straight.
A happy and peaceful scene
Also in time for Halloween, a how-to video from MiniMaker's blog Creating Dollhouse Miniatures: Skelly the Halloween Skeleton. If I want to know how to make something, this is where I go... With over 500 videos and slide shows, I'm sure to find some inspiration and learn a new technique...

Happy Sunday everyone... Hope it is restful... I'm off to plan my week's shopping and work on some mini projects....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

NW Dollhouse & Miniatures Show

I have been looking forward to the NW Dollhouse & Miniatures Show for several months and now it's almost here.

It all started with Abigail...

Abigail is a tiny porcelain doll my mom gave to me. She was "born" at the old Bess Kaiser Hospital on Greeley in Portland, where my mom worked in the cardiology department for years... (Hospital gift shops always have neat stuff!)

I immediately made her a bed out of a plastic mushroom basket--weaving pink and white yarn through the sides to create a checkerboard pattern and crudely crocheting a hood for it... I then knitted a striped pink and white blanket for her... Again, crudely... I was 11 and a self-taught knitter and crocheter...

Abigail slept in this bassinet for more than 20 years. Last year sometime, I pulled her out of a box and she sat on my crafts table while I hunted for the right size bed for her... Not finding one, I sketched out a plan for a wooden cradle... But my woodworking skills are rudimentary at best, and I lack the proper tools... I gave up my hunt and finally decided to cut all of my old handiwork off of the mushroom basket and reinvent it... And so my mini mania began...
Abigail in her new bassinet.