Sunday, November 6, 2011

Witch House

This week's trip to Goodwill wasn't entirely fruitless... I didn't find anything mini, per se, but I DID find an oak tissue box cover (remember those from the eighties and early nineties?) that is evolving into a three-story house for my little Polliwog witch...

Here it is with floors installed to separate the box into three stories. You can see that I built a roof and chimney as well as a fireplace for each room.

From top to bottom, little miss witch has an attic, a boudoir, a parlor, and a kitchen. Hubby says Abigail is going to be jealous!

Checking out the fireplace in her boudoir! The fireplaces are constructed of foam core and "stones" made from an egg carton.
Here you can see all three fireplaces and the chimney finished.

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