Thursday, November 10, 2011

Witch House... the witch has a name...

I was feeling kind of glum on Tuesday. Discouraged about a few things in life... But then I spent a half hour painting the little witch house I'm working on and it cheered me greatly... Almost magic! It really is the small things in life that can make a big difference...

The witch told me her name is Agatha. She likes European castles so I found some postage stamps in my stash that feature them and she is pleased that they will be artwork for her new home.

Wednesday morning while waiting for my daughter to finish getting ready for school, I installed the carpets. Then yesterday during my lunch hour I made a bed, bookshelf and dresser. Here are a few pics...

The whole abode. I haven't painted the furniture yet or picked any fabrics. Still a couple of pieces of furniture to make and quite a bit of finishing on the house itself, but we're making progress...
The boudoir. Agatha's bed and dresser are made from the top and bottom of a small jewelry box. I made a headboard and footboard from the card from a package of seam binding and glued pony beads to make feet for the bed. You really can't see them in this picture but the dresser has rectangles of card to make the drawerfronts. There is also a round mirror above the dresser. Looks kind of retro! The walls are actually purple but it's hard to tell in this picture.
Agatha in her parlor. You can see the bookshelf I made from a tiny box and more pieces of the seam binding package card. This is where all of the potions and spell books will go! Also, I've placed a couple of postage stamps with castles on them that will be artwork. Walls are red. Purple felt for the carpet. My apologies for the blurry pictures. (I have a crummy camera.) There's a crystal ball on the table and the little thing with feet next to Agatha will be a footstool.
The kitchen is an ochre color. Leaning up against the wall, you can see one of the postage stamps that Agatha likes for artwork. It has red poppies on it. I also found a the little sterling silver teapot charm that is sitting on the mantle. Just the right size for a spot of tea for Agatha.


  1. Heh kiddo...hope you're feeling better now! Great job.

  2. Hi Angela, the witch's house is getting decorated. I'm curious to see it finished. I'm sure it will be wonderful. Agatha will be very happy. ;)